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LWVAZ Receives Grant for ERA Postcard Campaign




As part of the ERA grant that LWVAZ received, the grant requirements include implementing a postcard campaign.  The LWVAZ ERA Task team developed plans and designed three postcards to mail to a target of 18000 voters in Arizona.  The team for the postcard project includes Lynn Leonard, Barb Kain and Pinny Sheoran and are coordinating the postcard project within the ERA grant. 

Who will receive the postcards:

  • Utilizing the grant money and with LWVAZ board approval, LWVAZ signed a partnership with AZWins. Our membership in this coalition provided access to an invaluable resource, the Voter Access Network (VAN).

  • The population targeted for the mailing are 2 groups. Both groups were selected after much discussion. They represent persuadable voters, who have not voted consistently in the last 4 elections (2016,2017,2018,2019).  Additional factors used in selecting the population were:

    • 18-65 year old females, registered Independent, Republican or Unaffiliated. Using the Predictwise model available in the VAN, these voters were identified as 50-100% supportive of women's rights, income equality. 14,506 voters were identified.

    • 20-40 year old males, registered Independent, Republican or Unaffiliated. These voters were identified as 65 -100% supportive of women's rights, income equality.- 6300 voters were identified.

Who will send the postcards:

We are asking all League members to participate in this effort.  Additionally ERA Arizona and NOW have signed up to mail the postcards.  

How do volunteers participate:

Postcards are available in packets of 100 with 100 pre-printed address labels (the extra postcards are to give to anyone who might be interested).  Each packet includes 28 stamps - because when ratified, the Equal Rights Amendment will be the 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution!  As our grant money is limited, 
we are asking volunteers to purchase the remaining 35 cent postcard stamps to complete the packet which will be $25.00.

We have at least 130 packets spoken for as of July 9, 2020 and we have a total of 180 packets. Volunteers are asked to write a single sentence message on the back of the card (four message choices are provided with each packet), sign their first name, apply an address label and stamp, and drop the postcards in the mail.  For those who prefer not to visit the post office during this time of Covid-19, the League is offering a PayPal link on the LWVAZ website – we will send the additional stamps needed to complete the packet for $25.00.

To request postcards 
  click on this link.   Postcards requested by members of a given Local League will be sent to a contact person for that League who will help coordinate getting the packets to their Local League volunteers.   

How can LWVNWMC be part of this effort?

To all members of LWVNWMC, please use the link provided to request postcard packets. We will make arrangements to get them to the requestor. Volunteers from NOW have agreed to be pick-up contacts for the postcard packets. We hope each local league will also help identify members who can help expand the pickup locations. Please email me, if you have any questions and thank you for participating.

Pinny Sheoran, LWVAZ State Advocacy Chair, 480-540-4934